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Slim By Nature’s Philosophy

Inspired by Nature. Made for You.

There comes a time in all of our lives when we want more and we know we can have more if given the right tools. It becomes painful living the lie that we are not showing the world how truly amazing we are and that we have something extraordinary to offer.


When we come together as one, one community, one family, one energy with love, our intentions and processes are significantly heightened as our hearts, minds, spirits come together. We want you to know the joy of choosing happiness everyday and waking up knowing great things are going to happen.

We believe passionately in growing a community where we can help you with loving intention and giving you the right tools to live your best life. In our heart, minds and spirits we know that if you feel supported and inspired you can take the courageous steps to reclaim your power. In this space of authenticity you will also be able to step up in your work, connect to yourself and cultivate better relationships.


One way in which we help you do this is bringing food back to basics with our body detox cleanse programmes. Not only can we guide you through this, but you will also achieve that healthier figure and mindset in the process.

Our approach to health and wellness is holistic and we believe that what you eat, how you care for your body and the way you feel are intrinsically linked. We encourage a philosophy which is holistic, mindful and intuitive by providing a long term lifestyle change.

The Slim By Nature business started in 2012 and is constantly growing to move us in a direction that supports ecology and empowering people to treat their bodies like a temple. We’ve had tremendous success from around the globe and the testimonies we get back are so inspiring. We want to encourage people to explore how to thoughtfully think about what they are putting in their bodies and understand that overall holistic health is the key to sustainability and long term success.


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Zhanna Gee

Zhanna Gee


From working 15 hours a day, running after a child, back pain and weight gain, to a vibrant mum that has empowered thousands of others. She went from despair to changemaker. Zhanna is a qualified empathic expert in the field, qualified in health, nutrition and weight loss management. Her mission is to empower others to make healthy choices and love their bodies. From women going through menopause, divorce, smokers – who can’t quit smoking out of fear they will put on weight, cancer survivors, women with thyroid issues, blood pressure and more. She knows what the magic of detoxing can do!

Bo Wong

Bo Wong

Marketing & Wellness Coach

With a background in marketing Bo left the corporate world to inspire others from her journey of sickness to good health. Bo is a Wellness Coach who has a diploma in Holistic Nutrition. She has travelled the world deepening her knowledge about holistic living and shares her tips and health practices with the detox group to inspire change and new habits. She likes to look at your entire environment, not just what you’re eating – in order to get you back on the right track.

Katarina Yzel

Katarina Yzel

Mindset Coach

Katarina is a Woman’s Transformologist and a Licenced Advanced Creatrix Facilitator through the Institute of Woman International. As our mindset coach Katarina would love to help you. During the detox she will give you techniques to help you to release the stress and fears you are carrying, understand what is really going on inside your unconscious mind, understand why you do the things you do and react the way you react. For us transformation is not just about changing your body, you need to change your mindset and habit too!

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Our pillars for good health

Encouraging locally sourced organic food

Encouraging conscious omnivery

Connecting to others and nature

Laughter, Sunshine & hugging it out

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Less stress in your life? 

Learn how to create new thoughts and eating habits that maximise your success. It’s time to get Slim By Nature and be unstoppable.

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